Meteorological Service

The Memorandum was signed between German (DFS) and French (DSNA) air navigation service providers and “Sakaeronavigatsia” LTD

In September 2014 memorandum was signed between German (DFS) and French (DSNA) air navigation service providers and “Sakaeronavigatsia” LTD in Langen, Germany. Within the mentioned memorandum the parties expressed their wish to participate in the program of centralized services initiated by Eurocontrol. European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation identified 9 services to be implemented on a centralized, European level and submitted them to the states. According to the program member states of Eurocontrol will be united in groups and will participate in the tender announced by the international organization.

“Sakaeronavigatsia” LTD will participate in the tender with the above-mentioned companies and “Information Design One AG” (industry representative) proposed by German air navigation service provider to obtain the right for implementation of Flight Plan and Airport Slot Consistency centralized Service. In case of winning the companies will establish a consortium which will deliver the mentioned services to customers.

During negotiations German civil navigation service provider stated its preparedness to be the leader of the consortium and to give its own resources to the consortium in case of any unforeseen obligation is raised. In addition, it was decided that the technical provision of service delivery will be done by Information Design One AG (industry representative). “Sakaeronavigatsia” LTD conducts post-operative analysis, processing of statistics and distribution of this information.

As a result of service delivery, the consortium will get some financial benefits which will be distributed among member companies of the consortium. Besides financial benefits “Sakaeronavigatsia” LTD will get the experience of participation in international projects as the above-mentioned companies have the greatest intellectual and practical resources in civil navigation services. Experience received by “Sakaeronavigatsia” LTD will be used for the purpose of establishing higher standards in Georgia and raising safety levels.

A similar memorandum was signed on September 25 in Sofia (Bulgaria) in the head quarter of Bulgarian air navigation service provider BULATSA. Within the memorandum, the parties stated their wish to cooperate in the process of establishing another centralized service developed by Eurocontrol. According to the operating concept of the mentioned service, the winning party shall provide an identification code of radio-location means through Europe.